APM course

APM Course schedule  for XIME

Course strategy : First we learn agile project management using scrum in 16 hours time, and using scrum, we will lift the heavy weight of traditional project management. That will be really interesting. 



Reasons for project failure

Command and control Vs Self organizing teams

Project strategy


  • Introduction to agile project management 
  • Popular agile frameworks 
  • Agile manifesto 
  • Agile principles 
  • Scrum overview 
  • Product backlog 
  • User stories 
  • Estimation using poker 
  • Planning meeting 
  • Sprint backlog 
  • Tracking board 
  • Burn down chart 
  • Sprinting 
  • Daily scrum 
  • Sprint review 
  • Sprint retrospectives 
  • Mock project 
  • Evaluation 
  • Introduction to traditional project management 
  • Project initiation 
    • Develop project charter 
    • Identify stakeholders (exercise) 
  • Project planning 
    • Collect requirements 
    • Define scope 
    • Decompose the scope into a work breakdown structure (Exercise)
    • Estimate the work packages using three point estimate (Exercise) 
    • Decompose the work packages into activities 
    • Sequence the activities 
    • Develop schedule and analyse the critical path (Exercise) 
  • Estimate costs (Exercise)
  • Determine budget 
  • Plan quality management (Exercise) 
  • Plan human resource management (Exercise)
  • Plan communications management (Exercise)
  • Plan risk management 
  • Identify risks (Exercise) 
  • Perform qualitative risk analysis (Exercise) 
  • Plan risk responses (Exercise) 
  • Plan procurement management 
  • Plan stakeholder management 
Project execution (Exercise)

Monitor and control project work (Exercise) 

Close the project / phase 

Case study analysis and project work


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